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Lady came from the Humane Society Image of Lady

 She was given up by her owners because she "barked too much".

We had her for eleven years.

When Missy was alive, Lady and Missy were best friends and worst enemies. When Missy was sick, Lady used to get up in the middle of the night to check on her friend.Image of Missy and Lady lying down
When Missy died, Lady mourned her for a long time.

Since then, after a battery of cardiac tests, Lady was diagnosed with a heart condition for which she was on medication.

Lady seemed to have her own clock, she let us know when it was meal time and time for her medicine. She learned to say "I love you" and would say it often.

On Nov 4th, 2006 Lady was put gently to rest due to kidney failure.

Goodbye sweet Lady until we meet at "the bridge", to again hear you say

I Love You
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