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In 1996, when Butch was two years old, he was given up by his owner. After a few months, Butch started to have episodes where he would collapse and stiffen. A heart specialist was recommended. After several cardiac tests, it was determined that Butch had "sinus block".
Butch photo

His heart would only beat at about 12 beats per minute. The only way Butch was going to have a full life was to put in a pacemaker.
The pacemaker was donated by St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis TN. and was put in by a heart specialist from Gainesville, Fl. Butch laying down
After his recuperation from surgery, he was still having seizures.
Butch photo Neurological tests discovered that Butch also had epilepsy.

Butch photo
Butch was on medication for the epilepsy and lived a "normal" life with his friends at Ziggy Beagle Rescue. Butch was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, and had been on medication for that.
Butch photo
In addition to all his other medical problems, it was discovered in Oct. 2002 that Butch had high blood pressure. He took medication for that and was monitored regularly, he had been going to the vet every week to ten days to have his blood pressure measured.

Butch then exhibited excessive thirst and urination. He had undergone many tests, and it was determined that Butch had diabetes insipidus. Butch was a victim of poor health for who knows what reason. His illnesses started way before he started to get 'old'. In June of 2006 it was discovered that Butch had a tumor near his heart. He was not in any pain, but he would cough from time to time so he was on medication for that.

Much appreciation to Cecil and Lou Boggs who continued to help support Butch via our sponsor progam.

On November 4th, 2006, just hours after we lost Lady, we had to send Butch to join her, to a place where he can be comfortable forever more. Butch has taken a large part of our heart with him, we know it will be kept safe in his protection.

A very special thanks to Doctor Bauman for being there when Butch needed him the most.

Goodbye our sweet, sweet, happy, gentle boy.

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