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Buttercup came from the humane society. No one wanted her because she was "older". She was about 5 years old when we adopted her. She came into the world in 1993.

About three years after being with us she developed a cough.
After a series of diagnostic tests she was diagnosed with "Laryngeal Paralysis".
It was later discovered that Buttercup's Laryngeal paralysis was not as serious as first thought. That was the good news.
Then we heard the bad news--Buttercup had a mast cell tumor on her back foot. The only way to save her life was either to have radiation or have her leg amputated. We opted to amputate. This was achieved on August 13, 2003 with the help of donations.
Buttercup walked well on her three legs. She never seemed to realize that her back leg was missing.
She had one more mountain to climb. We discovered a very large mass on her neck. This mass was wrapped around her jugular vein and also her carotid artery. This had to be removed carefully by a specialist.
Buttercup had surgery March 25th, 2004 to remove the large mass on her neck and she recuperated at home. This delicate surgery was performed by the skillful hands of Dr. Darien Lawrence of the Animal Specialty Hospital of Rockledge, FL.
It was touch and go for a while because Buttercup had retained a large amount of fluid in her lungs due to all her respiratory problems. But with the help of medicine and the care of the doctors and technicians at the hospital, she recuperated very nicely.

She was shaved quite a bit and got an extra blanket to curl up with at night in case she got chilly.

Our little princess was given the attention due a queen. She was monitored carefully to be sure there was no more build-up of fluid in her lungs.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Barbara Loli and Marcia Hall of Miami, FL who donated and collected donations for Buttercup's surgery.
Without the help of the wonderful people that donated, this surgery would not have been possible.

In October of 2005 our little Buttercup had pneumonia and was being nebulized at the vet's office every day for two weeks. She was a real trooper.

Buttercup was put to rest on June 30th of 2006.
She is loved for the sweet, gentle, innocent girl she was and will always be in our hearts.
It is with great sadness that we had to see her leave us.

We would like to thank Dr. Barry Cole and Dr. Robert Bauman of VCA Village Animal Hospital for the compassionate care given to Buttercup throughout all her illnesses.

Thank you, all!

Love, Buttercup!
Thank you also goes to Tuala, Hope & Mike who helped with sponsoring Buttercup.
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