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In Early 1997, the three regional detector dog training centers--in Miami, in San Francisco, and at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York- were merged into the new USDA National Detector Dog Training Center located in Orlando, Fl. The mission of USDA's National Detector Dog Training Center is "to operate a center of excellence to train detector dog teams in the protection of American agriculture, to develop and transfer new knowledge, and to provide high-quality service to its customers".

Beagles and their handlers go through the bulk of the startup training together in 8 to 12 weeks of training, trainers teach the dogs to respond passively by sitting when they smell the scents of citrus fruit, mango, apple, beef or pork; this behavior alerts their handlers to the possible presence of a prohibited item.


 Read an article in National Geographic on Beagle Brigade.

Working Beagle Brigade dogs wear distinctive green jackets with "Protecting American Agriculture" on one side and "Agriculture's Beagle Brigade" on the other. The dogs are not really working---for them the day is full of games, love and reward. Canine officers work not just with partners, but also with good friends.

Passengers don't get mad at me when I have to take away their sausage or apples cause I'm so cute!

Latest photo of Jacques

Ziggy Beagle Rescue has donated several beagles to "Beagle Brigade". Jacques was the first beagle donated by us. As you see by his pictures-he is one happy guy!

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Some of the other beagles donated by Ziggy Beagle Rescue are
Bea/Hawaii Piper Banjo
Beamer Dalton/Taiwan Dottie w/Jennifer