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In Memory of Our Sweet Bailey

You chose the best to care for me
While you had to be away
And try as hard as they did
I simply could not stay.

Please know that I was not alone
I knew of each and every touch
And most of all I truly felt
Your love and care so much.

I was not sad to have to go
Neither was I scared
I had the love and special time
That you and I had shared.

Those special hours that you spent
With the hope of helping me
I knew there were many things
But I was all that you could see.

Though I knew you loved us all
And no one else would ever guess
It was no secret to my heart
I knew you loved me best.

And though the end has come for me
And the life I shared with you
I now will be with the one
You loved as much 'tis true.

And at the Bridge I will wait
Not alone at all by far
For another of us is here as well
She is your shining star.

If it feels as if your heart
Will truly never mend
Know I took a little part
I knew you'd want to send.

As I gave this tiny piece to her
She said there was no need for it
For the love you gave to all of us
We never will forget.

Desiree Webber, Author ~ ~ ~
For Bailey and Carol