Rescuing abused, abandoned, and relinquished beagles and carefully matching each one with the right home. Located in Palm Bay, Florida.

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 In memory of 'Ziggy', my first beagle

  now at Rainbow Bridge Ziggy, of Ziggy Beagle Rescue, the namesake of this rescue group
We are not accepting any new beagles at the present time but please see our beagles for adoption

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We are proud to be featured in a new book titled Disposable Dogs. One of our Ziggy's Angels dogs, Butch, is written up in Steve Swanbeck's "Heartwarming, True Stories of Courage and Compassion"

Click on the book cover below and you will be brought to more information on this "unforgettable collection of 70 captivating, true stories of dogs from across the United States who were outcasts until they met up with caring people who recognized their worth:

  Disposable Dogs
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